Maximum Security. Discreet and Reliable.

Residential Burglar-Proof Windows and Doors in Canada.

Security Products

Our robust and fully customizable windows and doors are meticulously designed with subtlety and elegance in mind. All of our products are manufactured and shipped directly from Europe.

bullet proof window and doors


Bullet-proof windows with steel frames offering fully customizable historical replicas to contemporary designs.

bullet proof window and doors

Front Entry Doors

Maximum security steel doors, with customizable options including glazing for natural light, bulletproof transoms and sidelights, wooden-panels, and more.

bullet proof window and doors

Garden Doors

Made with bulletproof glass and available in a variety of styles, finishes, and customizable features.

  • 1
    Consultation10-15 minute call discussing project details
  • 2
    MeasurementGet accurate measurements
  • 3
    QuoteQuotation for product and installation
  • 4
    DesignReceive detailed drawings and plan out the project to your specifications
  • 5
    Manufacturing6 - 9 weeks depending on the custom specifications
  • Delivery1 - 2 weeks air shipping from Europe
  • 7
    Installation1 - 2 day installation depending on the project size
  • ServiceOngoing support for your product to ensure compatibility

The Process of Installing Bulletproof Windows & Doors

Our streamlined process covers consultation, design, manufacture, shipment, installation, and ongoing service, guaranteeing your peace of mind.

Invest in the ultimate home defense solution with our bulletproof windows and doors and safeguard your loved ones and property.

Ultimate Protection.

Secure your home with the best security against riots, vandalism, breaking and entering, etc.

Armored doors and ballistic window residential Features background image

Our Clientele

  • Government Officials and Political Figures Residences
  • Entertainment Industry Celebrities
  • Security Contractors and Consultants
  • Corporate Executives and CEOs' Homes
  • People Seeking the Utmost Security and Protection

Important Residential Features

Designed to provide the highest level of security without compromising important residential features like energy-efficiency, clear view, and a discreet style.

  • Clear Bullet-Proof Glass
  • Advanced Thermal Insulation
  • Custom Designs
  • Functional Windows
  • Low Maintenance
  • Advanced Security Locks
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