High Security Doors

  • Fully Customizable
  • French Doors, Glass Panels, Wood Milling
  • Defends Against 4+ Hours of Assault
  • Bullet and Fire Resistance
  • Thermal, Water, and Wind Insulation

Protect Your Home with Embassy-Level Security Without the Embassy Look

Embassies demand the highest security standards for their entrance doors to ensure the utmost safety and protection for their personnel against any potential threats. Get the same protection for your home without sacrificing style.

Door Security Options

Choose between forced-entry resistance or bullet-resistance. Optionally, combine for ultimate protection.

Burglar Resistance Security Ratings

  • RC3High security. Repelling attempts by most burglars using common tools.
  • RC4Very high security. Repelling determined and experienced burglars using advanced methods.

Bulletproof Security Ratings

  • FB4High bullet resistance. Equivalent to BR4. Can withstand handgun fire, such as .44 Magnum.
  • FB6Very high bullet resistance. Equivalent to BR6. Can withstand high-powered rifle fire, such as 7.62mm NATO rounds.
front entry security burglar proof door
picture example of Bulletproof Glass

Bulletproof Glass

Designed to withstand the force of a sledgehammer or rifle bullets.

Full Entry Security

Security doors that provide unparalleled strength while being offered in a wide variety of designs and styles to match any residential setting.

bullet proof doors Residential Features

Designed to match your home's style while providing maximum protection. Made from durable galvanized steel to offer long-lasting security.

Our complete entrance solution includes a high-security door, reinforced frame, and advanced locks. With options like thumb-turn, key-turn, or fingerprint scan, access is convenient and secure. Plus, optional integrated bulletproof glass in transoms and sidelights for maximum security.

Maximum Safety

(FB6 According to the EN 1522/1523) - Extremely high security against the professional intruder. Includes those attacks which were intentional and well-planned. Best security doors for premises with an extremely high risk of burglary.

Fully Customizable with Unlimited Design and Colour Possibilities

Customize sidelights and transoms, colour, panels, shape, design and more.

bullet proof window and doors

Painted Finish

Hundreds of colour options available to fit any style.

bullet proof window and doors

Transoms and Sidelights

Our bulletproof glass is also used in the transom and sidelights of the entry door to ensure maximum security.

bullet proof window and doors

Steel and Wood Panels

Galvanized solid steel and engineered wood panels can be custom designed to fit any aesthetic.

picture example of Titanium-Grade Multi-Point Locking System

Titanium-Grade Multi-Point Locking System

22 locking points all around the door available. Armoured locks covered with double drill resistant manganese plates.

Frequently Asked Questions

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